Expand Your Brand

I was listening to a Lewis Howes podcast last week and the concept of “personal brand” came up.  The interviewee, Dan Schawbel, explained how his Reebok internship made his resume more compelling. (I could relate to that because my IBM internship made finding work easy.) He said the Reebok internship wasn’t all that challenging, but the brand-name recognition was eye-opening.  After that realization, he went on a brand rampage (paraphrasing) to associate himself with bigger and bigger brands.

The “personal brand” train of thought almost makes me feel conceited, but I think it’s essential if you’re doing business outside your immediate circle. People want to do business with people they know, like & trust. Granted, I’m not the most likeable person. But dropping some “proper nouns” is essential when communicating to build trust. Especially online. In casual conversation, extra details are naturally left out. But online we can add hyperlinks to give more context. Like anything, you can over-do it.  For SEO there’s the “keyword stuffing” penalty and you don’t want to distract Google or your readers with too many off-topic hyperlinks.

Last weekend I randomly met someone from Gainesville that wasn’t immediately convinced I was really from there.  So I mentioned that I lived near the Sun Center and Maude’s, one of my old hangouts. For what it’s worth, proper nouns can add some additional credibility to your personal brand and it’s easy to do. Something to keep in mind when updating social media accounts and “About Me” pages.


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