Hello World

Spring is almost here and I’m already feeling rejuvenated. With the nicer weather, I’m out socializing more and passing out more business cards. Not really because I’m looking for more clients but because it’s easier than exchanging a phone number and I’m not on Facebook. My card is somewhat unconventional and I admit it’s fun to see how people react to it.

If I handed you a business card recently, thanks for checking out my blog. Leave me a comment! I don’t keep count but it seems like I give out my card at least once a week. My concern today is, people might come to PJBRUNET.COM (the address on my card) and find an off-the-wall blog post that’s way out of context. Maybe PJBRUNET.COM should instead go to a “About Me” page but for now, this works :-)

Philips Earhook Headset SHS8105A

Poor construction, paint flakes too.

Purchased in January, never had time to review till now.  Clear sound, low bass.  You might need to change your app’s equalizer because the bass takes over.  Good design for running, which is why I got earhooks.  But do not buy, they fell apart the first month.  Not an issue with the wire breaking (for runners, usually wire breaks first) but the earbud just fell apart and the speaker detached.  For $30.66 (Amazon) they shouldn’t fall apart. Returning them would be a waste of my time. The mic wasn’t anything special either, no better (while driving) than using smartphone’s speakerphone option. In short, I don’t recommend Philips SHS8105A.