Parks, Plasticity & Lifestyle Design

Old Settlers Park is a sporty park in Round Rock, behind the Dell Diamond. Miles of soccer and baseball fields, mostly. Tennis courts, playgrounds, a pond and a creek. A few trails have trees like this, but overall it’s wide-open and flat.

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For me, it’s a good place to clear my head and get a little exercise, plan projects, respond to emails, make phone calls, listen to podcasts, record podcasts, and catch some sun, which is important for brain health, heart health and bone strength. I like to mix up my routine to keep it interesting. But in health and in business, consistency is the key.

If you’re thinking about lifestyle design and you want to get more work done outdoors, I recommend a tablet + hotspot combination to add variety to your workday. Variety helps me roll with the punches. Artists have a similar concept called plasticity. Keep your brain plastic and dynamic and you’re ready for just about anything.


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