Why You Might Want To Disable WordPress Gutenberg

I tried WordPress Gutenberg again last night (the new editor) and personally I won’t be using it for the foreseeable future. I wanted to like it, but for real work I can’t see myself using it, unless I absolutely had to.

1. Common keyboard combinations like shift-selections and arrow keys simply do not work as they should. This is a dealbreaker for any serious keyboard user. If you’re a child learning to type for the first time, maybe you won’t notice. But anyone that has been typing for a while will have to reprogram their brain to use less-efficient keystrokes to edit text more slowly. Maybe this can be fixed with more usability studies? If I really had to use Gutenberg, I’d use another editor to write the content and then copy-paste into WP.

2. Gutenberg is slow. In my case with a screen recorder, it was bad. Waiting for the editor to “catch up” with my typing is not acceptable. On my reasonably fast desktop PC with a modern OS and the latest version of Firefox with a screen recorder running, the speed was bad enough that it was unusable. If your desktop PC is really fast and you’re not multitasking, maybe you won’t notice it, but if you do screen recording or have a “green” laptop or have browser extensions, the speed of Gutenberg could be a dealbreaker.