Who Are My Real Fans?

This is a continuation of my “Idea of the Day” series.

Today’s Idea: Capture and communicate with your real fans.

1. Instagram only gives you one URL, so it needs to count. Instead of posting your email address on your IG bio (that nobody can copy/paste) use an “Real Fans” bio URL to capture your fans (prospects) using a simple form. This allows you to build a real email list outside of the fake Instagram universe, which could be optionally exported to other social networks.

2. A “Real Fans” URL adds credibility to your profile, which should help you add fans faster. This is a “verified account” for the common person. Real Fans account holders pass a basic approval process, like phone verification by Authy, which makes your social profiles (such as Instagram) appear more authentic, especially as the Real Fans brand gains momentum.

3. All fans get to save some basic profile information, which shows links to their social profiles. And fan profiles show who they are approved to be “real fans” of. This helps fans build some credibility, which helps with the approval process as they “apply” to be real fans of more people. If any fan becomes annoying, they could be blacklisted from the whole system.

4. Real Fans also lets you email blast your fans and deliverability is a high priority. Any fan’s email delivery that fails is noted across the entire network, which means your list of fans is always clean and very deliverable. Your fan can conditionally email back, if they have been “checkboxed” for two-way communication.

5. For account holders, your Real Fans landing page is A-B tested and optimized to capture the most fans (conversion rate) while optionally promoting your most important projects in a concise way, to be as effective as possible. Real Fans branding will be minimal, so the spotlight is always on the account holder. No distracting cross-promotion, news or unrelated content. Essentially, the landing page (or pitch page) should work as well or better than a custom landing page. To increase opt-ins, asking fans for social media accounts would happen after email-confirmation.

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