What’s Interesting in Business & Technology?

Here’s a partial list of current interests, which should help me narrow down what I’ll write about in the near future. I’ll try to keep this list updated as my interests change. In general, I get excited when I see a trend or I’m convinced there’s an opportunity.

Sales, Marketing & Content
affiliate programs, Internet marketing, joint ventures, referral programs, subscriptions, traffic conversion, landing pages, A/B tests, sales, advertising, Adwords, Facebook ads, alternative advertising, keywords, Linkedin, prospecting, CRMs, mobile CRMs, SMS services, mobile notifications, direct mail, YouTube, Instagram, publishing, writing, content engines, mindmaps, hashtags, WordPress, blogs, content marketing, content syndication, podcast syndication, podcast market metrics, podcast advertising, Libsyn, conference call software

Technology & Work
Android, Android apps, VPNs, web hosting, Android phones, tablets, DNS, Google Play, Javascript, Droidscript, chat, chat bots, chat moderation, chat support, sales chat, paid chat, CUI, UI (user interface) design, data visualizations, jQuery, RSS, cloud databases, Javascript obfuscation, Linux distros, dedicated servers, VPS, code editors, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, silent PCs, coworking, shared office space, office space, freelance marketplaces, laptops, Chromebooks, desks, office furniture, productivity, business cards, laser printers, USB batteries, keyboards, high-resolution displays

Bitcoin, cryptocoin wallets, altcoins, cryptocoin exchanges, cryptocoin economics, economics, CPU mining, cryptocoin hardware, cryptocoin affiliate programs, cryptocoin charts, cryptocoin credit cards, cryptocoin finance, cryptocoin marketing, cryptocoin mining, cryptocoin payment gateways, cryptocoin blockchain explorers, cryptocoin APIs, inflation, Dash, Litecoin, SegWit, atomic swap, crosschain, Lightning Network, supernodes, Unobtainium, Dogecoin, Ethereum, cloud mining

Electronic Music Channels

  • http://www.buzzoutroom.com/chillout/
  • http://bassdrive.com