Thinking About Content Production

I’m looking at and wanting to try it out. But I don’t want to start over here. I could merge a Ghost theme with my evolving design over at, which is where I’m wanting to host my new “PBrain” podcasts. I don’t necessarily need a new blog platform. So I might just stick to using my own framework and create each page by hand, which is very easy to update, by design.

Rather than a blog, I’m really more interested in creating a “table of contents” of my podcasts. Last year, I came to the conclusion most people don’t enjoy reading and I started recording audio content, posting audio to YouTube. So far, that is working much better than blogging and I have over 200 subscribers now without much effort. Very briefly, I had a podcasting client and that got me more interested in podcasting. That provoked me to research the podcast market more and I learned a ton. Such as, what platform to use. I just signed up for a account tonight. Looking forward to trying it out.

Finally signed up for now I have some more #todos to iron out. #podcaster

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