The Pro-Workflow

Here’s a circular workflow I came up with a few days ago. Easy to remember.



Process is at the top because nothing happens until you process your past and present experience and mash it into a solid idea that you can produce.

With blood, sweat and tears you produce some tangible result. This is your craft.

But nobody knows what you did yet. An easy way to promote your work: thoroughly categorize and tag it. Hashtags transcend platforms.  Sprinkle them around your work like fertilizer to grow your SEO. 

Here we go: #workflow #diagram #production #promotion #bigpicture #entrepreneurship

No tag is too obvious!

You prospect by looking for people that could care what you did. Simply follow/connect with them on social media, if you think they could benefit from what you produce. 

Measure your results. Did you make a sale?  Check your analytics.  Process in your brain what happened. Think.

What can you improve this next time around? Use your imagination.