Texas Coders

2021 Updates: TexasCoders.com and eWallstreeter.com are now closed. My new business is CREATIVE TECH SYSTEMS LLC 833-CTS-3383.

Here’s a couple of quick updates (from 2017) from the desk of PJ Brunet:

I’m changing the name of my business to Texas Coders.

For my existing clients, nothing has changed, just the name. I’m still the only “coder” but the plan is to have interns helping me.

For Christmas, I received this cool photo of RebootedMom.com's kids, (my clients are the best) which is now on my desk at my new office :-) Rebooted Mom is growing fast. Looking at her stats last night, I think Sheryl will break through 100,000 pageviews/month soon.

Another quick update:

We relaunched Ewallstreeter.com with a new design. It has a unique multi-category mailing list subscription form, that I created. This screenshot is from an older iteration of the design, but you get the basic idea.

I can set it to confirm every subscription, or to subscribe you instantly. After some testing, we found it wasn’t intuitive to send multiple confirmation emails. In the latest version, it subscribes you instantly (single opt-in) which is less confusing, faster, and people like it better.

If you’re technically inclined, it’s a “single page app” using Javascript AJAX to send the subscriptions to my PHP server, which then talks to the Mailchimp API.

So far, the new form is working great and Ewallstreeter is getting more subscribers than ever before. I also completely redesigned the Mailchimp email templates to match the new design of the Ewallstreeter website. Overall, this was a fun project and I love the finished result! And we’re always adding new features.