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Reach thousands of 3D Printing enthusiasts.

Call me directly 512-981-7177 to reach thousands of 3D Printing enthusiasts worldwide through the iTunes ranked 3D Printing podcast.


Would your business, school, organization or government like to extend its reach into the 3D Printing market? 3D Printing experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard are ready to share your message with the world, through pre-roll and mid-roll mentions, along with shownotes and backlinks syndicated through multiple web and smartphone app platforms.

277+ episodes with ~40k downloads and plays per month.

What is the Fused Filament Fabrication (WTFFF) 3D Printing podcast?

Design experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard from 3D Start Point explore the “what” of 3D Printing: What design software, what printers, what tools to use, what designs to print, what new materials they’ve tested for you and what your 3D Printing business strategy should be. They interview the who’s who in 3D Print design and others who can help you figure out your “what.” And four days per week, in the “Ask Anything” episodes, Tom & Tracy answer your questions and share their tips, tools and resources for successful 3D Printing.

3D printing concerns numerous industries:

  • Defense & Aerospace: vehicle & aircraft parts, space exploration, aerodynamics
  • Automotive: prototyping, replacement parts, vehicle restoration, design & manufacturing
  • Healthcare: prosthetics, dental & bone implants, medical instruments, printed organs
  • Consumer & Retail: novelty items, customized products on demand, in-store experiences
  • Manufacturing: specialist manufacturing, embedded & printed electronics, retooling, supply chain, printing bureaus, feed materials, shipping
Organizations need to understand how the future of 3D printing manufacturing technology can be used for a competitive advantage – before their competitors do. ―Computer Sciences Corp.