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Idea of the Day 2

Today’s Idea

Mobile App: DancePump Active Music

One problem with music apps like Soundcloud is fake activity. Music promoters can buy fake likes and followers. With DancePump, every song gets one full-screen “heart balloon” that’s inflated by the minutes of physical activity captured by the listeners. Dancing, jogging, walking, any physical activity to activate the phone’s accelerometer/gyroscope would inflate that song’s heart. Hard to fake. If you set your phone down on a table, those minutes would not be counted.

Each song’s heart would be represented as a colorful patchwork visualization of combined listener activity, like a modified treemap. Extract a user’s representative “patch” color from their profile photo to visualize their distinct patch of activity on each song. The most active users would have their username displayed on a song’s heart within their small patch of color. Aggregate hearts could be created for each album and for each artist/band. The largest (fullest) heart in the app would have the most minutes of combined physical activity.

Workout music and danceable music listeners would be drawn to the app. This may also have the effect of rewarding long songs and DJ sets that keep people moving for a long period of time. Because the songs are ranked by the level of activity generated by the song, it would be easy to find the best workout and dance music. Users would be loyal to the app to “pump up” their favorite band or song. It would be clear who the most active listeners are on each song and competitive users would want to pump their favorite track to increase the size/prominence of their patch on that song’s heart.

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