Screen Recording On Galaxy S8

1. Enable Game Launcher under Advanced Settings

2. Approve TOS

3. Go into Apps / System Apps, and look for “Game Tools” and then enable all necessary permissions.

4. Open Game Launcher, add your application (to be recorded.)

5. Open your application from within the game launcher, for example Calculator.

6. Bottom of the screen you should see a recording icon in the lower left corner.

Screen recording on Samsung Galaxy phones is quite difficult. You can only record one application at a time and you can’t even record the operating system without rooting the phone.

If you switch applications, the recording stops. But to demonstrate how a single application works, it’s not too bad, at least it works (if I can improve the audio.) To demonstrate a process that requires multiple steps with multiple apps, it won’t work because recording stops as soon as you switch applications.

This video was recorded using the Samsung Game Launcher + Game Tools.

Notice the mic audio is a little choppy, I’m not sure why that is happening. I’ll do some more experimentation. In Game Tools / Settings, I recommend the maximum bitrate and resolution, 1080p.

Notice most other videos on this subject, people just use an external camera, which more or less proves they couldn’t figure out how to record the demo with a screen recorder.

It’s unfortunate Samsung doesn’t have a ‘real’ screen recording capability for Android 9. I’m pretty sure the Galaxy S9 and S10 have the same limitation.

Here we’re adding a test video, recorded at a higher resolution with a higher bitrate.

Here I’m screen recording (in Ghostery browser) a blog post with a YouTube video embedded (the video above.) The YouTube audio plays much louder in the recording than it sounds IRL, something to keep in mind. I probably should just lower the volume next time.

I think increasing the bitrate to the maximum helps the audio quality.

Another example. Here I’m editing a blog post in WordPress, adding content for the above video in the post.

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