How-to Get Firebug On An Android Tablet?

Here I am at the park using DroidEdit:

Have you ever wanted to edit code on your Android tablet, but couldn’t figure out how to get Firebug? Thanks to “Firebug Lite” now you can work on websites anywhere. Firebug Lite has most of what you need to inspect code on the go. Paste this Javascript code into your website’s footer (follow the instructions) and now you have most of the capabilities of your desktop.

For CSS, this gets the job done. I wasn’t able to get a Javascript console working due to Android’s security but you might be able to hack something together. For basic debugging you can use document.write or an alert instead of console.log.

I would post an actual screenshot of Firebug Lite in action, but I’m in the middle of some other work tonight. If anyone’s really curious, I’ll post a screenshot. Or if you want to share your “Firebug Lite on Android” screenshot, submit your photo to and I’ll post it here, thanks.

Private Firebug Lite (Invisible To Users)

PS: You need all the line breaks (maybe a “body” margin would be better) to see the bottom of your website, because Firebug Lite covers it up. Otherwise there’s no way to scroll to the bottom.

PPS: Also works in Opera for Android (version 27)