Measuring Bitcoin Speculation

Recorded earlier today.

(0:27) Signals, Indicators, RIP Martin Zweig, Winning on Wall Street, Trade Secrets, Ratios
(2:19) Test an Algorithm, Formula, Hypothesis, Past Performance, Future Performance, Secret System
(3:20) Measuring Speculation, Peak Speculation, Diminishing Speculation, Increasing Speculation, Bitcoin Price Related to Speculation?
(4:44) Sell Subscription to Interesting  Bitcoin Signals, Risk Analysis Data
(5:30) Blackbox Exchanges, Connecting Wallets to Exchanges, Bitcoin Users, Tracking, Usage Patterns, Exchanged Bitcoins vs. Unexchanged Bitcoins
(8:00) Measurement Methodology, Excluding Transactions vs. Including Transactions, Computing Power, What’s Analyzed?
(10:00) Tracking Shipping Containers vs. Tracking Bitcoins, By Industry, By Country, By Company, Adoption Trends, Trollbox vs. Proof of Adoption, Assumptions
(12:40) Existing Data Providers, Bitcoin Analyst, Interviews
(14:12) Early Days Programming Ethereum, Truffle, Following Trends
(15:30) Linux, Affiliate Programs, Content Topics