Linked Win Business – 1. BLASTOFF

Imagine your business made the most of LinkedIn. Now you’re on the right trajectory. On a rocket ahead of the competition. Business is roaring. Aren’t you glad you weren’t left behind? LinkedIn technology allows us to seek out new business with new people, to connect with new companies and new industries like never before.

As of today, over 300 million professionals are on LinkedIn. Every second, two more people sign up. In the beginning when I signed up, the LinkedIn universe was small. Former coworkers weren’t on it, which made requesting references difficult. Former employers weren’t on it either. Back then, it took some imagination to envision what LinkedIn would become, a sort of living Wikipedia of everyone’s work history.

Like a lot of new technology, LinkedIn crept into the workplace slowly and unofficially. Eventually, the unclaimed company profiles were officially claimed and employees (past and present) could connect with companies more definitively. No doubt this was helped along by the LinkedIn IPO. Now 3 million businesses have LinkedIn Company Pages and they need to roll out company-wide LinkedIn strategies. LinkedIn is the letterhead of the 21st century. Companies must portray themselves in a favorable light to attract the best people. If companies don’t control how they’re represented on LinkedIn, other people will do it for them in a haphazard, inconsistent manner.

Companies can now deliver content, and track the success of content, created for prospective employees, clients & customers. Throughout LinkedIn, various opportunities are presented to discover companies and subsequently “follow” their communications. For example, I can search LinkedIn for “Content Marketing”, explore various companies offering Content Marketing, and then “follow” specific companies to signal my interest in their products, services and activities. Likewise, I can follow individual experts by connecting with them directly.

For me to spend so much time on this project, you can imagine I see LinkedIn full of opportunity. I personally practice the methods in this book, and they work. I believe my approach is sufficiently innovative to warrant writing a book from scratch. These are my thoughts and words and none of this is cut-paste from other people. I feel my approach is significantly unique and considerate of your time, which I understand is valuable.

With this book I counter some conventional wisdom. I’m not offering another 99 tips to waste your time. Like you, I want maximum results with minimal effort. That means passing over the most obvious advice. Instead I present a straightforward, concise approach. A strategy you can start on immediately.

Will my strategy evoke some kind of negative reaction from the LinkedIn Corporation? I believe my recommendations are in sync with LinkedIn’s mission. Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, said he wants to help us leverage our LinkedIn networks to engage prospects in a “relevant, authentic and meaningful way” to ultimately disrupt the sales industry.

I’m not offering a push-button win. You will have to work for your results. However, the work is straightforward, not spammy, and rewarding. Rewarding in terms of growing your business and learning more about your market.