Instagram Traffic Strategy

Day 2 – 8:12pm

When I started this self-imposed "Instagram Challenge" yesterday, I was planning to share stats daily, to demonstrate what you could expect, given some effort, starting from a mostly-dead blog. Show the wins as well as the frustrations. For perspective, this blog was averaging 20-30 pageviews/day before I started the challenge.

I captured these stats from Google Analytics this morning. Yesterday I posted six times, resulting in that small bump you see on the right, reaching 80 pageviews, a small improvement over Saturday. The increase isn't very pronounced because I had an unusually good day on Saturday, when I didn't post anything.

Blogging often feels like you're not getting anywhere. It might take 33 posts before you strike a chord, or before some algorithm takes notice. How much of this is bot traffic? Hard to say. Regardless, the more you post, the more you build out your longtail.

Also consider, visiting your own blog can make your stats appear better than they are, when they're this low. I'm guessing Saturday was strong because of news the difficulty of Bitcoin is increasing, leading people to do more research into Ethereum, which I blogged about several months ago. Or it was some other stroke of luck.

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Instagram Traffic Strategy