Starbucks Art Improves

Day 2 – 6:30pm

I'm at a freshly renovated Starbucks. I'm consistently impressed by the artwork at the new Starbucks locations in Round Rock. In the past, I'd say Starbucks art was meh.

The new art is interesting. As an art snob, I approve. Of course original art would be ideal, but with a busy cafe, you're going to have splashes and accidents, which means no glass–you would need acrylic protection, and then some fool would scratch the acrylic.

This particular piece has collage elements that seem to be cut from a sack of coffee. Due to the print resolution, I can't tell how much of it is digitally manipulated, in terms of the decay effects, which would probably absorb wear and tear, if aforementioned fools got to vandalizing it.

I didn't spend that much time looking at it, but it reminds me of Jean Tinguely, Rube Goldberg, Marcel Duchamp, and Jesus Perea. I didn't see a signature.

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