Instagram Traffic Strategy

Day 1 Review

Before starting today, we already had WordPress installed and ready to go on However, spending so much time on social media in recent years, I wasn't blogging much at all, and traffic fell to an all-time low. Recently, I was talking to Sheryl at and she told me Pinterest is working for her blog. That encouraged me to push harder into Instagram.

I must admit, Instagram is really easy and the "instant" gratification is addicting. Thanks to an Instagram plugin for WordPress, I'm now able to publish to Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr and Facebook at the same time. That's very convenient. Is it effective too? We'll discuss stats tomorrow.

We did run into some glitches today, but got through them. For example, Phonto doesn't have word-wrap. So we're using "Floating Notes Lite" instead, which is a huge time-saver and actually looks pretty cool. Screenshots with floating notes clearly demonstrate what to do, and how to do it.

We finished six posts today! That's way more than I ever posted as a professional blogger. And today was Sunday, I was just having fun, not really working.

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Instagram Traffic Strategy