Instagram Traffic Strategy

Day 5 of the Instagram Traffic Strategy Challenge

I’m doing all of this on my Android phone, no laptop. I’m able to load the desktop version of websites, like Google Analytics, by using the Opera browser. Yesterday on my walk, I thought it would be cool to “flip the curves” of Analytics to give this a “night mode” look.

Here we are, this is July. None of this is paid traffic. It’s all free, organic traffic. I connected Instagram to my blog on the 10th. I was posting strong on the 10th and 11th, but I was getting frustrated by the 12th and lost momentum and posted very little, and you can see the dip. Yesterday, the 13th, the allergy forecast was bad, something about Saharan sand, and my eyes were bothering me, but I still managed to post a few things. Now I’m thinking of ways to increase my post rate. Like, should I start using a keyboard?

You can see here, pageviews are rising, slowly but surely. Another cool thing, since I installed that “scroll tracker” plugin on Saturday, my “session duration” increased a lot, especially earlier in the week when I was posting these longer notes, and that’s a strong SEO signal for Google that I’m doing something right. Additionally, I think this lowers the “bounce rate” because Google can see people are sticking around to read content. Without that plugin to capture the scroll events, Google doesn’t necessarily realize people are still on the page. I got that tip last year at Capital Factory downtown, but I can’t remember the guy’s name, he said it was a secret tip.

A little progress is very encouraging. This is how big things get started.

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Instagram Traffic Strategy