Instagram Engagement Community

Note: This post is primarily for new PrizmArcade community members. If you would like to join our community, send a direct message to @prizmarcade

We want new #creative members with a mind for #business #entrepreneurship #media #motivation & #inspiration


Hello community members. Thanks for joining PrizmArcade aka “the engagement community.” There’s no specific requirement for you to like and comment every member’s post. If you don’t really like something, you’re not obligated to ‘like’ it.

However, we’re all here for mutual benefit. If you’re not helping us, why are we helping you? If you have more money than time, you can DM @prizmarcade on IG to discuss a deal.

From time to time we all get busy with other projects. If that’s the case, write us a message on Discord and let us know that you’re busy. If we don’t hear from you and you’re not actively participating, you’ll be removed from the member list, at least until you are back on Discord and Instagram helping out again.

To keep things really simple, I recommend you “turn on notifications” for all the members listed on the Discord channel. Whenever you have an opportunity, check the latest list of new members. We should be adding new members daily!

With post notifications turned on, you won’t miss our posts. Otherwise there’s a good chance Instagram won’t show you what we are posting, due to the way their algorithm prioritizes some people more than others.

Looking forward, over time our numbers will increase and we’ll have more followers, more comments, more mentions and more likes. And more people and more companies will want to work with us. This won’t happen overnight, it will take work. But eventually it will pay off.

Engagement communities do work, not just for Instagram. They also work for Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networks. So if you’re on other social networks, let our community know on Discord. Over time we will expand this group to cover other social networks besides Instagram.

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