Idea of the Day 1

I wrote this on LinkedIn a few days ago:

I’m wondering if there would be any interest in a “startup ideas” email list. I get a new startup idea every couple of days. Unless I worked at a thinktank, the ideas end up at the bottom of my todo list. I occasionally share the ideas with investors but that’s pointless without a serious commitment to execute…

Today’s Ideas

1. Mobile App: On-Demand Paparazzi, Hire Photographers Near Me

If you want publicity for your business, photos of yourself, photos of your wedding proposal or a paparazzi on demand to make someone feel like a star, this app would tell you what photographers are nearby, how much they cost, and if they’re willing to share photos to their social media accounts for viral distribution. You would be able to provide extra instructions and filter through the nearby photographers. Photographers rate clients and vice versa. I think it would be useful for promoters with events, openings, bands, shows, fundraisers, or for anyone looking for local social buzz on demand. And I think photographers would be happy to have more work.

Phase 2: Deploy drones to shoot even more content for Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

2. Product: “Water-Laser Christmas Tree” for your yard.

It comes in a box as two pipes 5 feet long each, you screw them together. The “tree” would be 10′ tall once assembled, but you could sell different sizes. There’s no branches, you’ll see. The base pipe has a spear-like tip that you poke into your front yard that is strong enough so that the whole pipe stays vertical. This base piece also has a screw-on attachment for a hose to supply the water to make it work. The top pipe has a star that swivels fast from the water pressure provided by your hose. As it spins, it sprays down a fine cone-shaped mist of water. The star also has lasers or lights that aim down at angles to light up a “sparkling green cone of mist.” If necessary, spray holes could be added to the pipes to fill out the cone effect. Seems it would be inexpensive to construct and easy to ship.

_________<|> <- Star Spins, Mist, Cone of Light
_________/| <- Top Pipe
Hose ->_/_| <- Base Pipe
__________v <- Ground Stake

3. Product: "Hurricane Dance Shoes"

My shoes allow a dancer to both spin and slide in any direction, at the same time. Like a hurricane ;-) Roller skates and ice skates allow one or the other, spin OR slide, but not both. But you can spin AND slide at the same time with my shoes. Each shoe gets three metal balls (like the kind in ball bearings) in a triangle formation under the ball of the foot. The balls fit perfect into concave metal holes that are magnetized. So if you lift your foot, the balls don't fall out. But they can be plucked out if you don't need to spin. The three holes are connected by channels that contain a supply of oil. A flip cap in the center of the triangle covers the oil-supply channels, locking in your oil supply. You can order extra balls and sockets as they'll wear out eventually. The triangular socket mechanism could be one piece of metal so that it's easy to screw in/out to replace if it wears out.

______((B)) <- Ball & Socket (Back) 
______/___\ <- Oil Channel
_____/_OIL_\ <- Reservoir & Cap
__((B))___((B)) <- Balls & Sockets (Front)

Update: Circular brush at the perimeter would help keep dust out of the sockets and the additional friction would be negligible. A 2nd generation shoe could have a transversal "wedge switch" that raises/lowers the mechanism for easy access. Ideally, you could click your heels in the air and the mechanism would spring into action.


- I'll try to post at least one new idea per week. If you want to receive these ideas by email, send me a connection request on LinkedIn (PJ Brunet) and I'll add you to the list.

- If you see unoriginal ideas here, let me know.