How-to Accept Bitcoin Donations?

You’ve seen other bloggers do this successfully and you don’t want to miss out. How do you add a Bitcoin tip jar to your blog, YouTube, or even Instagram?

Step 1
Choose your wallet software. Lots of choices here. The important thing is, you want the private key to remain private. You don’t want any 3rd party (like a wallet company) having access to your private key. Don’t fall for a scam, choose your wallet carefully. You can find wallet software for your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. For extra security, you might want a hardware wallet device.

Step 2
Once your wallet is set up, you’ll get a long string of random-looking letters and numbers, and that code is actually your wallet. The letters are “case sensitive.” This code is literally an address in the blockchain that people can send Bitcoins to, and only you have the private “key” to spend anything stored there. Copy-paste your public Bitcoin wallet address to your clipboard and you can paste that address anywhere you want to receive money. While you’re at it, you could add other altcoin wallets, offering even more ways to accept cryptocoins. For example, I created these wallets last night:

Bitcoin BTC – 1Prh5VnUJRQV3sARhEfQAMKv9UzGqgAMXg
Litecoin LTC – LR75FPWouVQNqTDx1Zd7UuNjmQ3rdUfVZ2
Ethereum ETH – 0x467a73878a7b57899cb1dd070a4eb40fdc00d38b

Note: Different cryptocoins have different blockchains. So you can’t send a Litecoin to a Bitcoin wallet directly.

Step 3
This step is entirely optional, but you can paste your Bitcoin wallet address into a Bitcoin QR Code Generator to create an image that you can post anywhere, like on Instagram, that makes it easier for people to send you Bitcoins.

Mobile phone wallets often have a camera option to scan these QR codes. Upload the generated wallet image to your blog, website or wherever you plan to accept Bitcoins.

If you have any questions, ask me on LinkedIn.