Fedora Page Allocation Failure

Kernel panic today totally got me off track. I need to make a trip across town, etc. So I won’t be blogging much about this.

Same error 16 days ago: “page allocation failure”

Looks like this is the solution:

sysctl vm.min_free_kbytes

If the output of the above command is lower than “16384”, please raise it by issuing the following command:

sysctl vm.min_free_kbytes=16384

Add this line to your “/etc/sysctl.conf” file to make the change stick across reboots: vm/min_free_kbytes = 16384

The Fedora website says: “Heavily-loaded network servers may have trouble allocating memory even though there is no shortage. Try setting the sysctl vm.min_free_kbytes to 65536 in order to keep additional memory free for allocation by network drivers.”

But I’ll try 16384 first and see how that goes. Previously I was at 3429.