Dash Provenance

I watched this video because it mentioned Dash, one of the few coins I follow. I don’t know much about it thus far in terms of the particular characteristics that make it unique, do they have a good website with tutorials, how do you mine Dash, and so forth.

But at first glance, Dash’s chart looks good to me, looking at the full length of it, compared to other altcoins, and when I keep hearing about something I take interest. For example, Hashflare announced they will mine it soon, and I’m seeing Hashflare ads all over the web recently, which tells me they are growing. Add to that, the Dash price is really rising recently.

Adam’s Dash theory here is pure speculation and I doubt the Dash breakout is related to the Ethereum Classic dilemma, but an interesting observation nonetheless. First of all, the Dash breakout could be temporary, and in the big scheme of things it’s not that big of an increase.

However, he does have a point–if you knew the whole history of every dollar in your pocket, it would be overwhelming, and disturbing, and maybe certain dollars would be seen as “too dirty” to touch. With Bitcoins, we essentially know the whole history of each coin, more or less, thanks to IBM supercomputers datamining the blockchain.

What I think Adam is suggesting, people don’t want to be associated with certain bad transactions, such as from a theft. Inadvertently selling services to someone that has inadvertently obtained cryptocoins that were at some point stolen, would be analogous to losing points off your credit score for shopping at a store where other people with bad credit shop. Along with more data, provenance becomes an issue.

In that sense, extra transaction data adds a little extra friction to whatever economic system you can analyze with computational rigor. On the other hand, just the word “anonymous” could make some people nervous. In any case, all the cryptocoins have a wide variety of differentiating characteristics, and anonymity is just one factor in the average person’s decision to use any particular coin.

I recently subscribed to Adam’s channel about a week ago. So far he has some interesting news updates and insights. If you like my video commentary, I plan to do this regularly. Connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know what you think.