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WordPress Hosting Rates

Here’s what I’m charging for WordPress hosting:

1-50k views/month 	$50/month
50k-100k views/month 	$100/month
100k-200k views/month 	$200/month
200k-300k views/month 	$250/month
300k-400k views/month 	$300/month
400k-500k views/month 	$350/month
500k-600k views/month 	$400/month
600k-700k views/month 	$450/month
700k-800k views/month 	$500/month
800k-900k views/month 	$550/month
900k-Mill views/month 	$600/month

If you’re interested in working together, send me a LinkedIn invite. My existing clients have priority and the waiting list is full till March 2018. I do not advertise. If we’re working together, you’ll have my cell number.

Pageviews tracked by Google Analytics. HD video hosting rates might be higher, depending on your bandwidth consumption, but most people host video through YouTube or Vimeo and embed videos in their blog.