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Teaching in Focus for 2023

I’m planning to make this a yearly task. Look back on the previous year and then let the world know the kind of work I’m looking to do going forward.

I don’t want to send the wrong signals to the search engines, or to people in general. One thing I learned in 2022, it’s easy for people to get the wrong message. If you’re not constantly reminding people what you do, then it’s easy to be misinterpreted.

As far as this blog goes, the portrait I’m painting here is going to be more business oriented. Part of that process is deleting content that’s no longer relevant. And simultaneously publishing content I want to be known for. Publishing yearly goals like this is part of that process.

With 30+ years of professional technology experience, at this point I’m confident I have a lot to offer in terms of educational content.

It’s easy to forget everything I’ve done. It helps from time to time to reflect back on my LinkedIn profile to remind myself of everything I’ve worked on. If for some reason you can’t see my experience on there, send me a connection request.

In terms of teaching, what will I contribute? Part of that is up to you. If you’re reading this thinking, “I would like help doing XYZ,” then contact me. For the initial call, I won’t charge you anything.

If I can help you, then we can discuss payment. For business problems, the more I know, the better I can help.

Apart from calls and meetings, I’ll break common problems down into video modules and sell those as information products through Gumroad, along with some teaser content for YouTube, etc.

In 2022 I made progress learning OBS Studio. In terms of the content format, I’m thinking these will be screencasts of me explaining various concepts. Text and diagrams will be created in a PDF summary format, and then the screencasts will go into the details. I’m having a lot of fun creating diagrams using a tool called BlockDiag.

Since I’m most in demand for WordPress work, that should be the main focus. For example: What does your business need to run a successful blog? The technical aspects can become complicated, or limiting, or unreliable. I could focus on ways to streamline the setup and maintenance, how to minimize downtime, maximize security, create better content, get more traffic, more leads, how to approach design, integrate services, and so on.

If those information products sell, fantastic! If not, it’s more marketing material to acquire better jobs and better clients. Which seems like a solid strategy.