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Refine ChatGPT Output For My Business

Good explanation of how ChatGPT evolved into what it is today:

Sounds like we’re going to see walled gardens of specialized knowledge. Gmail & Facebook will have unique access to mountains of private conversations, which I bet they have “anonymized” into language models already without our permission. Also, seems like governments would have access to a lot of language info.

And then, like the video explains, you need human feedback to improve the behavior of the AI for niche business applications, which is probably where there’s more opportunity for startups to offer a layer of refinement between the massive language data stockpiles and the end user.

As far as using AI to write code, I think it will have very little impact for most people. As the video touches on, the act of pressing buttons and writing out the syntax is the most trivial part of software development. Software development is more about taking an idea and then working out the features and specifications needed, which requires imagination, and then iterating in small, unimpressive steps.