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Off the hook!

Old Trick to Reduce Gmail Fatigue

Zapier is looking for a "Marketing Specialist"

Email with subject "Marketing Specialist"

It's weird because I set up a Gmail filter the same day I read this job description, because I was tired of so many Meetup emails. I almost applied to Zapier. I went to their website, looks like a fun company. I've heard of the product. Why didn't I apply? Maybe if the product was more appealing, I might have. Then again, doesn't a marketer make things more appealing?

Old Trick to Reduce Gmail Fatigue

1. Create a new label.
2. Go into settings and look for the filter option. We want to move the filtered emails to your new label. The idea is, your inbox label is for high-priority emails.
3. Create the filter using some clever keyword(s) in the email, like "unsubscribe." Also "skip inbox" and use your new label. Don't forget the retroactive checkbox.
4. Take a screenshot and brag ;-)

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