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2018 WordPress Hosting Rates

Here’s what I’m charging for WordPress hosting:

1-50k views/month 	$50/month
50k-100k views/month 	$100/month
100k-200k views/month 	$200/month
200k-300k views/month 	$250/month
300k-400k views/month 	$300/month
400k-500k views/month 	$350/month
500k-600k views/month 	$400/month
600k-700k views/month 	$450/month
700k-800k views/month 	$500/month
800k-900k views/month 	$550/month
900k-Mill views/month 	$600/month

If you’re interested in working together, send me a LinkedIn invite. My existing clients have priority. If we’re working together, you have my cell number.

Going forward, rates are calculated for each blog individually. For example, 5 blogs at 10k sessions/month would be $50 x 5 x 6 totaling $1500 for six months. Every six months your traffic is reevaluated and invoiced.

If you’re right on the edge, for example 100k sessions/month, I’ll check the trend in your traffic, whether it’s going up or down.

Your pageviews (sessions) are tracked by Google Analytics and measured using the last two complete months.