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Portfolio – Selected Projects – WordPress, Squarespace, HTML, CSS, etc.

To see everything I’ve worked on recently, see my resume and LinkedIn.

    → Created WordPress plugin to migrate posts, images from Hubspot
    → CSS styling of theme and content for mobile and desktop
    → Created PHP shortcode to parse Libsyn RSS podcast feed
    → Custom, mobile-responsive form with smart tooltips
    → Form data sent to backend dashboard in realtime
    → Integrations: ConvertKit, QuizMaker, Twilio SMS, Paypal
    → Private dashboard features Slack-like chat interface

  • (2011-2017)
    → Replaced WordPress with a custom PHP application to gather more news
    → 1000s of feeds & photos are downloaded hourly to 100s of categories
    → Custom code tracks today’s most popular headlines
    → Responsive design for millions of posts using WordPress Elementy theme
    → Custom Mailchimp API integration, newsletter & ad designs

    → WordPress real estate theme updates: color scheme, navigation, content changes
    → Clickable community map for navigation, master plan annotation graphics
    → Custom contact form for lead generation
    → Single Page App (SPA) with navigation history
    → Option for each page to have a background image
    → Finger-swipe (left-to-right) navigation

  • &
    → Migration to faster server, blogs average 700k-1 million views/month
    → Design changes led to $4000/month increase in Adsense revenue
    → Custom “Recently In This Category” plugin & new header design
    → Custom form plugin with uploader for readers to submit “haul” photos
  • custom-bbpress-theme (now offline)
    → Created mobile-friendly, minimal bbPress forum theme for WordPress
    → One-click LinkedIn social login through LinkedIn API captures LinkedIn URL
    → Created concept, content, logo and matching CSS colors
  • wordpress-search-plugin-500 (now offline)
    → WordPress plugin browses MySQL data, sorts realtime fundraising data
    → No page refreshes, AJAX animated with jQuery
    → Kiva-like search, filter by branch, location and need
    → Cookies remember search preferences and page you’re on
    → Created from designer’s mockup in two weeks