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How Section 230 Sunk The Blogosphere & Free Speech

The mega social networks only exist because of this Section 230. Without it, they would have to stand behind all the garbage they publish. And smaller niche publishers would have a better chance to compete.

Moderating everything is not that hard, unless you’re greedy and don’t really care what is published.

They’re right about one thing, I’m guilty of not studying Section 230, but maybe it won’t matter if Trump is going to change it.

The instant gratification of replying inside of a social network is part of the problem.

What we had before social networks was so much better. If you had a difference of opinion, you wrote that on your own blog. No moderator could twist your words, or delete you, or shadowban you, or fact check you, etc. It was my battleship versus yours.

But we got lazy, we started commenting in the social network instead of on our own blog properties. Why this happened is a separate followup blog post.

How can we bring back the blogosphere? I think that’s a separate blog post too. I’ll leave it there for now.