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2018 WordPress Hosting Rates With 24-hour Phone Support

1-100k views/month 	$100/month
100k-200k views/month 	$200/month
200k-300k views/month 	$250/month
300k-400k views/month 	$300/month
400k-500k views/month 	$350/month
500k-600k views/month 	$400/month
600k-700k views/month 	$450/month
700k-800k views/month 	$500/month
800k-900k views/month 	$550/month
900k-Mill views/month 	$600/month

Six months minimum.

As your blog gets more traffic, you make more profit.

Views/sessions are tracked by Google Analytics and measured using the last two months. Rates are calculated for each blog individually. Every six months your traffic is reevaluated and invoiced.

I don’t charge for setup. For comparison, WordPress VIP charges $15,000 for setup. 24-hour phone support is included with all my plans. For comparison, 24-hour phone support with WP Engine costs at least $3200 per month.

If you’re interested in working together, send me a LinkedIn invite.