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21 Ways To Increase Intelligence & Health With Oxygen

Back around 2005 I remember reading a lot about Oxygen. Don’t ask me why, I just like to read. And it was 15 years ago, so don’t expect me to remember the source of the information. I vaguely remember the research was biased. Essentially the argument was: “No fair, wealthy communities are getting more Oxygen, which is necessary for developing intelligence, which leads to more wealth, more Oxygen, more intelligence, etc.”

Let’s change the context here and remove wealth from the equation. Assume there is a connection between intelligence and Oxygen (fact check me, but that seems like a reasonable conclusion.) Then if you value your intelligence, you should also value Oxygen! And you would want to live somewhere that has more Oxygen. Especially since Oxygen levels are dropping worldwide, year after year.

I can’t find a good chart in Google of Oxygen levels ranked by city (would such a chart incite panic?) But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that cities have fewer trees and plants and therefore less Oxygen. So there’s tip #1, move somewhere with a lot of trees and plants. If you can’t move, maybe you can acquire some plants? NASA did some studies and found “snake plants” are the best for cleaning air. If I was stuck in the city, I would buy as many snake plants as possible. Do they produce a lot of Oxygen? I don’t know, but that’s something I would research.

Now that we’re realizing Corona Virus (aka COVID-19) survival/treatment is partly (or mostly) dependent on Oxygen, more people are thinking about getting more Oxygen. People like me have been thinking about this and asking questions. I never liked Biology. But I was a long distance runner. In high school the coach told us the X-Country team had the highest average GPA out of all the sports. I worked hard at my studies, had great teachers and great parents, but who knows, maybe it was the Oxygen from running so much that gave me the mental focus and discipline to accomplish so much inside and outside of school. I had a 4.5 HPA (Honors Point Average) from taking the most challenging courses the school could offer me. On top of school and running I was also creating sophisticated telecommunications software and hosted multiplayer online games and a music sharing service, decades before Napster and Facebook.

Maybe runners are smart because they’re getting more Oxygen to their brains? Who knows. But I can tell you “runners high” is very real and euphoric. Where does the euphoria come from? I never bothered to research it, but I bet it has something to do with Oxygen. In any case, let’s forget about extreme fitness, euphoria and intelligence for now. We’re living in a new world with killer viruses that attack our lungs, depriving us of life-sustaining Oxygen, and some of us aren’t young enough anymore to go running around through Oxygen-rich environments.

Check out this video from Facebook. Dr. Zaino has 20 tips to increase your Oxygen retention, which is overall great for your health as he explains.