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How-to Find New, Valuable Ideas

This video explains how you can get ideas from Upwork. Paying for Wikipedia entries is one idea he talks about.

Wikipedia is great for SEO. Some thoughts about this:

1. The executives in his hypothetical target market would probably qualify as notable enough to get a Wikipedia entry. Joe Blow is not eligible. So it’s a pretty good idea if you know certain executives are eligible for a Wikipedia entry just because they work(ed) for a certain notable business. Wikipedia is quite picky, so there’s no guarantee you would get to keep your lovely entry once it’s added to Wikipedia. Some nasty editor at Wikipedia could decide to wipe out your whole agency (all of your executive entries.) Hopefully that wouldn’t happen, but Wikipedia can do whatever it wants.

2. Again, Wikipedia is risky because anyone with a grudge can go in there and write something nasty about you. It’s almost like a public credit report where anybody can say anything they want. Wikipedia is not all daffodils and rainbows. I suppose if you can afford it, it might make sense to have multiple editors on your payroll writing positive things to drown out and/or clarify any criticism.

3. Wikipedia isn’t just about people. Alex’s video is a little vague in this respect. I’m pretty sure you can create a Wikipedia entry for your business if it’s large enough. Since Wikipedia is about “important” information, you might consider: What is the most important part of my business? Maybe you invented something notable and your Wikipedia entry should start with that invention. Then that invention page can expand to explain who the inventor is, what company manufacturers it, etc.

4. You don’t necessarily need an entry in Wikipedia to benefit from it. Often times in Wikipedia, someone will write “citation needed.” At the bottom of Wikipedia you can see lots of links to articles (citations) that verify the information Wikipedia has listed. So if your business can write authoritatively on certain topics, there could be an opportunity for you to get Wikipedia links that way. This might take some practice and some effort, but could pay off big, since Google values backlinks from Wikipedia.

Enough about Wikipedia. The technique he’s talking about, I have used it before.

This is how I became one of the first WordPress hosts to use NginX. I saw someone was willing to pay to migrate to NginX. After more research, I found out that’s because it’s faster and more memory efficient. So I learned Russian in order to read the documentation. Actually kidding about learning Russian, but the documentation was in Russian only! Now the documentation is in English, but it was a challenge to get the right configuration details for NginX. Really, it still is challenging, but that’s another tangent.

Point is, this is an interesting way to discover new, valuable trends. Beware, you don’t want to jump on some random bandwagon without more research. Before investing energy into NginX, I went to Netcraft and saw NginX was growing. And year after year that continued. These days, you don’t necessarily need NginX or Apache to build websites. But for WordPress, NginX is still the best web server available.