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Blogging Where You’re At In Your Business

Marketing is fun and creative. And hopefully your blog is the perfect place to showcase that creativity, for your business, for the years ahead.

I don’t know about you, but I consume too much social media content. That time is not completely wasted, because it gives me a chance to see what other people do, how they’re doing it, what I’m drawn to, and what I don’t like.

Seeing all of that, I get ideas and I’m inspired to make new content. And then I want to work on a plan to make that content. And then I look at my to-do list and realize I’m already behind on some other important projects. In other words, I’m too busy to attract more business.

So it comes down to scheduling time for fun. It’s fun to write down and share what I’m working on, which gives me more clarity, reminds me what my goals are, and seeing that take form in a blog post update is visually inspiring, it attracts more of the right people to my blog, and it helps me document my journey.

It helps me realize what’s holding me back, and what I’m currently excited about.

And when I do look back at earlier blog posts, I get to see what I’m no longer interested in, what didn’t work, what attracted unwanted attention, and where I was misguided. Also, those old posts can inspire new content.

Bonus, it’s real experience, keeping my writing skills fresh, keeping my mind fresh, and keeps my blog fresh, in terms of SEO. There’s more I could say, but after all, it’s just blog post.