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Top 10 Wonderful Lessons From “Wonder Woman”

I finally saw Wonder Woman. Here’s what I learned:

1. Marriage is dumb, pointless, and just requires a judge signature. (boat scene)
2. In terms of physical affection, men can only offer sperm. (boat scene)
3. Criticizing genitals is OK. Men think with their “little thing.” (hot tub scene)
4. Men are cowards, women are brave. (multiple scenes)
5. Government can’t be trusted. Better to kill the leadership. (multiple scenes)
6. Women are clean. Men are “disgusting” and create pollution. (boat arrival)
7. Working for a man is slavery. (secretary scene)
8. Men don’t care about human suffering. (multiple scenes)
9. Women can be trusted. Whereas men are liars. (Etta Candy and lasso scenes)
10. Men are uneducated. Women understand history, language and science.

The last one is probably true. But we can’t rise above sexism if the ideal is to attack others to get ahead. Sadly, that’s what this movie is about. The script reads like a college essay trying to impress a misandrist professor.

These topics could have been addressed in a more balanced way if the movie wasn’t so sneaky, serving up Wonder Woman as a heroic role model savior of humanity. Gal Gadot and the costumes were terrific, given the circumstances. Pretending to be a wise, superior guardian while simultaneously ignorant of world affairs and social norms, that seems like a challenging role.

Chris Pine may be a good role model for young men brave enough to suffer through dating a feminist with a chip on her shoulder. Or is he? If this movie foreshadows the future of gender relations, and chivalry dies, what are the consequences of that? Hopefully we don’t live our lives by cartoon-level standards.

I’m always impressed when actors can hold a straight face through such nonsensical stories. The “Marvel Universe” is not much better and I’m mainly criticizing Wonder Woman because so many people on social media said it was a great movie. Recently, I was even more disappointed by Marvel’s “Iron Fist” showing bodies cut apart in gruesome detail and disposed of in a swamp. If you go to such extremes, don’t dress it up as “superhero” entertainment for young people.