Best Business to Start During Recession

As an entrepreneur, outsourcing assumes you believe they will do quality work, or you don’t care about the deliverable and just want a commission. Also there’s high risk the IP will be stolen, or may have backdoors, so you’ll need some expertise to manage the quality/security of any software that’s outsourced.

Personally, I code everything in-house.

Most salespeople fall into the “don’t know, don’t care” category. Same for affiliate products and joint ventures, you should believe in the product before reselling it or that could have consequences.

Most products/services fall short, let’s be real, and how often will a salesperson/affiliate guarantee the quality of the product/service of some other company’s work? If the product/service is excellent, and new, then congratulations, you’re golden and it’s easy to sell and resell.

This guy Alex does email marketing professionally and that’s not exactly my exclusive area of expertise. However, I do code the backend APIs for email lists. And occasionally I also code the layouts of emails, such as for Salesforce/Pardot or Mailchimp. Email, LinkedIn, even SMS, they all work if you put in the time.

I’m not paid for this recommendation and I’m not exactly sure yet what Alex is selling, but his information is usually very good and I’m happy to refer you here to his latest YouTube post…