This summer, I had an idea for a project called Beachmind. I worked on it for about two weeks. It seemed to be getting a little traction, in terms of pageviews, but for some reason my ad clicks are showing up on this domain,, instead. Why am I getting ad clicks now, when for years this domain hasn’t done anything for me? So today I worked on my Analytics here, to figure out where these recent ad clicks are coming from. If can work for me, in terms of ad revenue, then I can focus more attention here instead of on, which is fine with me.

Beachmind was fun, and I learned a lot, but if nobody clicks the ads, it’s a waste of time. The beach news aggregation that I set up is still running 24/7 and I hope to add more feeds there as they’re submitted to me. I was digging through all the islands looking for news and only made it through about 10% of those islands. And that’s just island beaches, I barely scratched the surface. On top of that, there’s millions of Pinterest and Instagram accounts full of beach pictures, boats, surfing and so on. I was also planning to add a “Sport” category. It’s a huge market. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to work on it without some ROI.