When I find a break in the matrix, I seize the opportunity. I’m a 2nd-generation developer and grew up writing Pascal. In high school I learned C and Java and won programming competitions. By college I had interned at IBM, learned Javascript, HTML, graphics and Photoshop, merging the worlds of art and software. University of Florida encouraged me to try new media, new tools and materials aside from the technology I was already familiar with. Outside of school I studied more cutting-edge technology and freelanced for local clients in Florida.

With IBM on my resume, it was easy finding new clients. Upon graduation, I coded web crawlers in Java and started experimenting. I discovered affiliate programs and rode the online advertising wave with a traffic brokering system I coded in Perl. Since my work was automated, I was able to read, travel, and pursue self-actualization. And I started visualizing traffic with PHP to study a clickbot subverting my algorithm. Today we call this “analytics.”

Right after Adsense launched, I started blogging. While studying Magazine Writing in San Antonio, one of my assignments about social media started pulling in millions of views. Managing this was hard. Nobody offered “WordPress hosting” yet. So I advanced my Linux and MySQL knowledge to scale my own servers. Then I leveraged my SEO experience to rank #1 in Google for “WordPress programmer” and focused on serving WordPress clients.

Today, WordPress is the platform to reach the most people. A mature platform that integrates with a large ecosystem of plugins and themes. Businesses choose WordPress for its versatility and stability. My satisfied clients receive millions of views because my server stack just works, and I’m able to design or code any additional services they might need.