7 Reasons to like Monacoin

  1. Monacoin is going up in value faster than Bitcoin.
  2. Japanese people around the world will probably prefer a cryptocoin that speaks their language. There’s no denying Japanese culture is popular and synonymous with cyberspace and mobile technology. Isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto Japanese?
  3. You can exchange it for Japanese Yen though a few exchanges, and as of a few days ago, BitFlyer, which seems to have sparked renewed interest in Monacoin. And you can trade it on Bittrex and through Shapeshift.
  4. I read last night that it’s the first cryptocoin to implement Segwit, even before Litecoin. After Bitcoin itself, I’d say Segwit is the biggest cryptocoin innovation yet, and even more important than Ethereum and all its derivative “ICO” tokens. This is because Segwit enables Bitcoin and all Segwit-enabled blockchains (Litecoin, Vertcoin, etc.) to do everything that Ethereum can do, and more, such as atomic swaps. The full technical potential of Segwit has yet to be realized. When Segwit is more fully implemented, Segwit-enabled blockchains should increase in value. If Monacoin was the first cryptocoin to implement Segwit, that’s a strong indication it will also inherit the many capabilities of Segwit going forward. (That said, I don’t know anything about Monacoin’s developer, Mr Watanabe.)
  5. The brand is unique in that it has a cute logo that might appeal to new demographics that Bitcoin hasn’t reached yet: women and (unbanked) young people.
  6. The website has improved a lot. The last time I looked at Monacoin (maybe last year) the website had very little information and it was all in Japanese. Now they have a better design and an English translation.
  7. There’s only a few Monacoin videos on YouTube with very low view counts. I’d say that indicates there’s room for growth.