16 Ways Blogs Fail

1. Losing Your Domain To Cybersquatter
2. Leaving Front Door Unlocked To FTP Hackers
3. Ranking In Google For Wrong Search Terms
4. Blogging On Domain You Don’t Own (ex: Facebook.com)
5. Receiving One Of Many Possible Google Slap Penalties
6. Getting Completely Delisted From Google
7. Not Keeping Offsite Backups (Flood, Storm, Explosion, etc.)
8. Server Leaves Building (Disgruntled Employee, etc.)
9. Reputation Disaster
10. Corrupted Operating System
11. DDOS Attack (Distributed Denial Of Service)
12. Too Many Frameworks Or Framework Conflict
13. Host Decides Recovering Backups Not Worth The Effort
14. Unpaid Bills Somewhere Up The Foodchain, Surprise!
15. “Too Much” Business & Hosting Company Shuts You Down
16. Proprietary Tech Islands, Too Invested To Back Out


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