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My Story
My career started merging the worlds of art, software, and telecommunications. By college I was already an expert graphic artist and web developer with IBM on my resume. After graduating with a BFA in 1999, I worked for Mercury Communications, where I coded and deployed web applications with Java. Eventually my experiments with affiliate marketing paid off, allowing me to work anywhere as an entrepreneur brokering traffic internationally with Perl. Later using PHP to map out and detect click fraud from anonymous proxy bots.

Since my software was automated, I had time to read every William Gibson novel, participate in poetry events, and try new cigars, wines, and food. I painted my girlfriends, hosted art shows, and designed jewelry and furniture. I listened to the stories of old men, watched sunsets on Venice Beach, wandered new cities in my GTI, shot 35mm photos, and wondered about the meaning of life. I did all this with an iPaq in my backpack, always computing on the go. Thinking it was time to sell my best strategies before moving on to new horizons, I wrote an ebook about generating web traffic. What was next?

In 2003 I started writing about abstract art and web metrics. Wanting to be a professional blogger, I studied Magazine Article Writing at UIW. Some of my articles about social media tracking went viral with millions of views. Fortunately, I already knew how to convert traffic into sales. And the advertising revenue was awesome! But it was too much traffic for web hosts to handle. Even the company that hosted the largest blog in the world (Media Temple) could not keep my blog online. Nobody offered "WordPress hosting" yet. So I had to scale the tech myself: learn more Linux, optimize MySQL, spawn PHP, etc. The effort was worth it. Eventually I ranked #1 in Google for “WordPress programmer” and my phone rang all day with new clients.

Then I launched SRVpress, a hosting service for business owners. Businesses email me their content and I post it to their website. Even if it's a sketch with notes in pencil. Impressed by this, one client said, "Now you're speaking my language." Most of my clients are busy and would rather not bother with technology. I shield your business from the complexity and annoyances of WordPress, name servers, domain registrations, and programming code, while innovating behind the scenes, keeping in mind the goals of your business. Think of me as your Chief Technology Officer.
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